Monthly archives: July, 2008

Bare Trust

Question Thanks Julia for your answer to the question about buying shares in children’s names.I have another question. In your answer you mentioned a Bare Trust. My question is how do set up a Bare Trust orDeclaration of Trust and what are the pros and cons. I understand that if capital is added then a …

Investment in children’s names

Question Is it possible to buy shares in a child’s name when they are aged between 0 and 17. More particularly 0 and 7ie the child is unable to sign the TFN application. As I understand if the shares are bought in the name of a parent atf the TFN used is the parent’s and …

Substantially Revovating or Building& Living There,Before Selling…Scot-free?

Question Entirely- contrary to Newsflash 8Feb.2008 now_ Ihave it upon -warranted! advice , that-with a prior profit making intention , the main residence exemption -CAN_ be available (Duplex Proposal Finding 4.12 Bantacs Ninghi , financed by me). Associated Duplex Finding 4.1, 4.2 seem contrary , to also How Not To Be a Developer Booklet (definition …

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