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Build Townhouses No avoiding GST etc

Question First of all, apology for my English. Hopefully you understand what my questions are. I will try my best to describe my current situation as much as I can. Also thank you for offering this questioning system! I have purchased an old house in April 2021 and since then I have been living in …

Brothers Buying Block to Subdivide and Build Their Own Homes

Question I’ve read Winning Property Tax Strategies (thanks!) and our situation is similar to the example “One property, two friends, two homes” provided on pages 177 to 180. For context… I am a property developer. My brother and I are starting up a residential building business together to build our own development projects. My brother …

GST Withholding Clause When Seller Not Registered for GST

Question Under the new amended legislation to require buyers of new subdivision of potential residential land to withhold the GST component of the purchase price there appears to me an anomaly with the way the GST Withholding Annexure issued by real estate agents in WA. The notice starts of with 1. Is this contract concerning …

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