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Practicalities of Moving Oversea and Main Residence Exemption

Question Hi we are thinking about moving abroad this year with a trial period beforehand, and plan to sell our PPOR (ownership is joint tenants) as a precaution.The purchase price was $525,000 and sale price will be approximately $1m. Our original idea was for my wife to transit first with the children and start setting …

Expat Returning to Australia and CGT

Question I am an Australian who has lived abroad for close to 20 years. I have a property that I own in Thailand that I would like to keep when I return to Australia once I repatriate. As the yield on property in Thailand is far greater than in Australia (8-10%), I am wondering how …

Is FIFO from NZ?

FIFO plane

Question My wife and I are both Australian citizens (Aussie born) – we moved to NZ last year where we rented a house, put our 2 Aussie kids into a NZ school etc. I FIFO back to Australia for work (spending more than 6 months a year in Aus, 4 weeks on / off) – …

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