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Main Residence and Testamentary Trust

Question My husband and I are updating our wills as both our Adult daughters are no longer dependents. We don’t want to create any unnecessary CGT issues for our children after we pass in relation to testamentary trusts. Our main assets are properties (our PPOR est Value $7M and 5 investment properties approx $5M net). …

Selling Property in SMSF After Member Dies

Question My Dad is the only member in the SMSF. He and I are the trustees. I have his power of attorney and I am the executor under his will. He is 87, and is declining. The SMSF has a real property asset worth circa $3M. Dad has put in place a non-lapsing BDBN, directing …

CGT Start Date on Inherited property

Question I am currently living/retired in Thailand and am considered a Non Resident for Taxation purposes. My mother purchased an apartment in May 2013. She passed away in Feb 2017. The apartment was left to me in the Will and the transfer to my name was completed in Oct 2017. I lived in the apartment …

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