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Distributing Discounted Capital Gains to Trust Beneficiaries

Question I have several questions regarding how Capital Gains Tax would apply to a transfer of title of a residential property to one of my children. Background: In 1981, I purchased a residential property in Sydney and I was registered as the sole proprietor. From the date of purchase, my wife and I occupied the …

Questions about how a Trust Operates

Question Facts * I setup a Trust and Corporate Trustee for our family back in 2009 shortly after our first son was born. * My wife and I are the (only) two directors of the Corporate Trustee. * I’ve not had any updates made to the Trust Deed since. * We made two—highly speculative, illiquid—private …

Depreciation and changing a vehicle from business to private use

Question Balancing Adjustment: Motor Vehicles Extract from ATO:“If you cease to hold or use a depreciating asset, a balancing adjustment event may occur. If there is a balancing adjustment event, you need to calculate a balancing adjustment amount to include in your assessable income or to claim as a deduction. A balancing adjustment event occurs …

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