Monthly archives: September, 2010

CGT on PPOR if rented

Question My PPOR is avaialble to rent as a holiday house via a real estae agency with a management agreement in place. I am using the 6 yr rule. i want to use the house for 3 weeks and I beleive i won’t be liable for CGT on the personal use portion if it is …

Non-resident CGT on sale of Business

Question I am a Singapore Resident for taxation purposes, as per Article 3 Section 2(a)(i) of the Singapore Australia Double Taxation Agreement, as I have a permanent home available to me in Singapore and don’t have a permanent home available to me in Australia.I am the sole Director and Owner of a ‘Singapore PTE LTD’ …

Transfer of tax deductions to another person?

Question I own a property in my own right, as does a friend, who I have just moved-in with in order to rent-out my property, saving us both in general living expenses.My friend is temporarily helping me out financially until I’m able to establish a new stream of income & is paying all interest/leasing/advertising costs …

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