Monthly archives: March, 2015

Subdividing Main Residence

Question Hi,We are considering knocking down our main residence, subdividing the land and building 2 x new homes on this land.We will live in one of the homes.We are undecided whether we rent or sell the second home.Can you please help us understand any CGT implications of selling versus renting this second house and any …

Mixed property development

Question – I purchased an investment property in Jan 2012 for $576K with an interest only Loan(A) of approx. 530K with a plan to develop 2 or 3 units and sub divide for investment purposes– It has been rented out 100% of the time up until it was demolished in June 2014– I am currently …

Development on pre – CGT land

Question Having read your books, need some further clarity on my situation.My PPoR is a pre-CGT asset,(purchased Jan’1984),now mortgage free, we have purchased another property, currently under renovation that we plan to move into as our new PPoR, it will also be mortgage free (in approx 8 months) by the time we move in.We plan …

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