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We currently offer two services to answer your tax question. Our Ask a Basic Question, is best suited for question that concern a single part of the law and costs $79.95.

If your tax question has multiple parts, your question will be best answered by our Ask a Complex Question service which costs $165.00.

Ask a Question: No Payment Method For Manual Questions Only

To get better answers, here are some tips:
- Provide as much detail as possible, don't include your personal information but tell us what you have found out already, this may help us understand where you are coming from.


  • If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use an alias

    Select Yes if you want your Question to remain Private. Otherwise it will be published on the Notice Board.

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In addition to the Ask Ban Tacs service, the BAN TACS Accountants group offer a selection of digital products to help you including Getting Your Affairs in Order, The Property Cashflow Calculator and The Capital Gains Tax Calculator.

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