Deduction of costs


I am currently not working and manage a property on behalf of my husband who is fully employed ( and travels a lot). The property and loan are in his name due to him having the income. Can I tranfer any of my costs (travel to see property, finding tenants, etc) to him, as I am doing this work on his behalf in order for his property to produce taxable income. The costs are adding up. thks


I assume all you are talking about is the car expenses. He can claim these in his tax return assuming one or both of you own the car you are travelling in. If you are the owner of the car then you only have to do a declaration of joint ownership for him to be able to claim.

Our Claiming a Motor Vehicle booklet in the free publications section of this web site can help you decide which method to use and show you what you need to do to make a claim.

Anything you buy for the properties would be claimable by him too and phone calls you make he can claim providing you keep a record.

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