subdivision of land


what are the income tax and or capital gains tax (cgt) implications on the sale of ten (10) pre 20 september 1985 subdivision blocks of land under the following four (4) scenarios:-

1. outright sale of ten (10) subdivision blocks of land in 2015.
2. outright sale of eight (8) subdivision blocks of land in 2015 and gifting two (2) subdivision blocks of land to my children, both over age of 18.
3. outright sale of six (6) subdivision blocks of land in 2015 and sale of ppr on four (4) subdivision blocks of land in five (5) years time for $1.5ml.
4. sale of property development (ie. ten [10] residential homes) collectively for $8 ml in 2015.

background facts
1. purchased eleven (11) hectares of land in 1982 for $155,000.
2. one (1) hectare of land was used for a surgery.
3. constructed building also in 1982 to house the surgery on the one (1) hectare of land (see point 2). total cost of the surgery building was approximately $100,000.
4. ten (10) remaining hectares of land held for private purposes. example – build a principal private residence (ppr). ppr never eventuated. thus land remained vacant.
5. thirty-three (33) years later, subdividing the eleven (11) hectares of land into:- i) one (1) hectare for the surgery; and ii) ten (10) X one (1) hectares lots for resale or development purposes.
6. subdivision costs estimated to be $200,000.
7. sale price for each one (1) hectare land lot estimated to be $400,000.
8. construction costs for ppr in 2015 over four (4) subdivision blocks of land estimated to be $350,000.
9. developed property site. constructed ten (10) residential homes in 2015 for an estimated cost of $2,000.000.


the subdivision costs of $200,000 are 90% infrastructure costs comprising roads, electricity/telephone/water hookups, sewerage and storm water drainage.
given the new information, do your answers change in respect to questions 1-3 inclusive.

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