What can we claim?


We have come from NZ, sold up and will be buying a caravan as our home. Following the harvest trail via Workabout Australia, club members thereof, currently in Gargett for cane season.
Do we need a ABN, if so, what is this, how do we get it etc?
Do we go under backpackers or something else as travelling workers not relevant it seems?
Would we have the caravan exempt as it is our home base and dwelling?
Can you please assist with all of this and show us where on your site to find the info required etc.
My partner will be working the harvest trail, I could work as a teacher or in any industry that is relevant and available on the trail.
Thanks Val WEir


The overseas backpackers booklet is not the one for you because New Zealanders are automatically entitled to work in Australia and entitled to be treated as a resident for tax purposes. The overseas backpackers booklet was written for people who come here on a work visa that is so restrictive they cannot qualify as a resident of Australia for tax purposes.

So the booklet you need to read is Claiming your trip around Australia as a tax deduction which is available free on our travelling workers page


there are worksheets at the bottom of this page that you need to complete to qualify for the tax deductions.

There is a lot to the practical application which is why I do workshops. The next one will be on the Gold coast on the 4th July. Any chance you will be up that way?

You do not want to try to exempt your caravan as your home base for several reasons, firstly you can’t unless it is attached to land, for CGT purposes. Secondly if you caravan is your home base then you will not be considered to be travelling and it is the travelling bit that gets you all the best deductions. You need a home base other than your caravan. If you say this is in New Zealand then you could compromise your status as a resident of Australia for tax purposes. Do you have anywhere over here where you could set up your home base, for example a room at your parent’s or adult children’s home.

You probably won’t need an ABN but if you come across and employer that wants you to provide one, first be suspisous that they maybe a bit dodgy. An ABN is easy enough to get by going to www.abr.gov.au

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