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Caught by Div 7A?

Question If a company director takes money out of his company regularly, several times a year, year in year out but repays it before the 30th of June each year, does Div7a apply? Answer No, in fact he has up until the due date for lodgement of the company tax return to repay the amount …

CGT on Inherited Rental/Main Residence

Question Dianne is the executor and beneficiary of Gary’s Will. Gary died on the 5 December 2018 leaving a residential property (“the property”) to Dianne. Dianne seeks advice in relation to the deceased’s estate’s potential liability for Capital Gains Tax following the proposed disposition of the property. The background to the use and ownership of …

Is FIFO from NZ?

FIFO plane

Question My wife and I are both Australian citizens (Aussie born) – we moved to NZ last year where we rented a house, put our 2 Aussie kids into a NZ school etc. I FIFO back to Australia for work (spending more than 6 months a year in Aus, 4 weeks on / off) – …

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